Cedarville State Forest, April 2013

Updated: April 7, 2013
Cedarville State Forest

Legend says there is an Indian Burial ground in Cedarville State Forest, but to date it has not been found. The headwaters of the Zekiah Swamp are located in Cedarville. The swamp extends Southward through Charles County for 20 miles, emptying into the Wicomico River. The Swamp is one mile wide, and serves as a haven for wildlife. The surrounding land is mostly agricultural fields.

Cedarville State Forest is a great Maryland bike trail providing opportunities for all skill rider skill levels. Check in at the ranger station and pick up a map. The trails are clearly marked and very well maintained. The orange trail is great for entry level cyclists providing some challenging sections. The more technical sections can be easily walked if they exceed the cyclists level of comfort. And if the trails are too much for you, or if you have children, there are plenty of unpaved roads to ride along as well. In my experience visitors in cars are very respectful of cyclists.

Another item to note is the frequent use of the trails by horseback riders. Please be courteous and give plenty of time and opportunity for them to pass. Stop along the trail and step to the side.

The orange, blue, green and white trails are all outstanding choices – link them together and you have a full day of mountain biking in store. Don’t forget to stop by the pond at the end of Forest Rd. and take a well deserved break!

A small entrance fee applies when you enter the park and yearly passes good at all Maryland State Parks are available in the ranger station.

Photos from Cedarville State Forest, April 2013

Cedarville State Forest

Cedarville State Forest Mountain Bike Trail Map (Partial based upon a recent ride)

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