VINTAGE BIKE AD: Obviate all vexatious delays by riding your own bike

Updated: September 28, 2012

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What a great advertisement from 1919 in the Washington Times for cycling.  Such classic advertising lines well before their time.

A Ride a Day — Keeps the Doctor Away

AVOID stuffy, germ infested street cars

ride to work in the fresh, clean morning air

a bike in the family is better than the “family doctor,” and far cheaper

And my favorite…

obviate all vexatious delays by riding your own bike

I also love all the references to “Motorcycle” but the graphic element depicts kids on bikes.  My personal take is that the reference to “Motorcycle” is probably due to the fact that the advertisement paid for by a group of businesses including both bicycle shops and motorcycle dealers (see references at the bottom).  A quick google search doesn’t yield any results as to whether any of these businesses are still in operation.

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