Blackwater Paddle and Pedal Adventures to Vienna, MD

Updated: September 26, 2012

34 Mile Out-&-Back Ride

Begin your ride in the parking lot of Blackwater Paddle and Pedal Adventures (4304 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, 410.228.7650, and the Bucktown Village Store, at the intersection of Bucktown Road, Bestpitch Ferry Road, and Greenbrier Road.

  • From the parking lot, turn left on Bestpitch Ferry Road and follow until you reach Bestpitch Ferry Bridge (4.2), where a public boat ramp and shelter are located. You will pass Fishing Bay Wildlife Management Area just before the bridge.
  • Bestpitch Ferry Road becomes Griffiths Neck Road here.
  • Follow Griffiths Neck Road, passing Lewis Lane (9.9), and Henry’s Crossroads (10.4).
  • Turn right on Steele Neck Road (10.8).
  • You will pass Kraft Neck Road, a dirt road, (11.4) on your right and LeCompte Wildlife Management Area (12), also on the right.
  • Continue until you reach the Steele Neck Road/New Bridge Road intersection (13.9).
  • Turn right here and continue on Steele Neck Road.
  • Come to a stop at the intersection of Steele Neck Road and Elliott Island Road (15.8).
  • Turn left here and ride toward the town of Vienna. You will see a water tower in the distance.
  • Enter the town (16.6) and turn right on Church Street (16.8).
  • Follow the road, turning left on Water Street (17), and pass a bed and breakfast on your left (17.1).
  • Come to a stop and turn left on Race Street, and then right on Middle Street (17.2).
  • You will pass a restaurant on your left and a gas station/store is also located nearby, on Old Ocean Gateway/Route 731.
  • Now, turn around and retrace your route.
This route and map provided courtesy of Dorchester County Tourism with their prior permission. You can visit them online at and download the brochure containing this map at

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