Secretary, MD to Elliott Island Bike Route

Updated: September 12, 2012

An approximately 80 mile out and back loop traveling some of the more isolated roads of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  You will travel from Secretary, MD through Brookview passing the Handsell Manor, then through Vienna ending the first leg of your ride with a beautiful waterview on Elliott Island.

About 80 miles. Cyclists are advised to pack food and water.

  • Park your car at the boat ramp parking lot at Temple and Gordon Streets in Secretary, where a restroom facility is located.
  • Turn left on Temple Street and come to a stop (.1) at Main Street.
  • Turn left on Main Street/Route 14.
  • You will pass a store on your right (.2), and then cross over a bridge.
  • Follow Main Street/Route 14 out of Secretary until you come to a stop at Mount Holly Road/Route 16.
  • Turn left and follow Route 16. You will pass a sign for East New Market (2.6), on your left.
  • Now continue straight on East New Market/Hurlock Road/Route 392 and follow until you reach the intersection with Route 14 (3.8), then turn right.
  • Stay on Route 14, passing through Rhodesdale (8.2), until you come to the small town of Brookview (10.8).
  • Turn right at the bridge on Indiantown Road (11).
  • Follow Indiantown Road all the way to the end. You will pass Handsell (16.6), one of the last remaining 18th century brick manor houses in Dorchester County, which is open by appointment.
  • Turn left onto Rhodesdale/Vienna Road/Route 331(18.3). Follow Route 331 to a stop and turn left, riding into downtown Vienna (19).
  • Turn left at Old Ocean Gateway/Route 731. A gas station/store (19.1) is located on your left, and a restaurant (19.2) is on your right.
  • Just past the restaurant, turn right on Middle Street, and then make your first left on Race Street. Take your next right on Water Street, and pass a bed and breakfast (19.7) on your right.
  • Come to the next stop and turn right on Church Street, and then left on Market Street (19.9), passing a park on your left (20). Market Street becomes Elliott Island Road.
  • Follow Elliott Island Road and pass Fishing Bay Wildlife Management Area.
  • Continue on Elliott Island Road, crossing a bridge (38.3), and passing the local fire department (38.7), to the beautiful view at the end (39.6). Now, turn around and retrace your route.

This route and map provided courtesy of Dorchester County Tourism with their prior permission. You can visit them online at and download the brochure containing this map at

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