Hurlock to East New Market, MD (16 Miles) Route Map

Updated: September 5, 2012

Any route that takes you across a “Suicide Bridge” has got to be intriguing. This 16 mile flat loop on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Dorchester County, MD is a great beginner ride. Wide shoulders, quiet country roads, and great scenery makes the perfect place to introduce friends to the sport of cycling.

  • Start at North Dorchester High School at the intersection of Route 14 and Cloverdale Road.
  • From the parking lot, turn right on Cloverdale Road.
  • Come to a stop (.1), and turn right onto Route 14.
  • Follow to Shiloh Church/ Hurlock Road/Route 331 (.2) and turn left.
  • Follow this road, which becomes S. Main Street/Route 331, into downtown Hurlock (2.6).
  • Follow S. Main Street, which becomes Academy Street, through the town, passing a deli (3.5) and a drug store (3.6) as well as other shops.
  • You will cross over Old Stagecoach Road (5.1) on your way out of town.
  • Academy Street/Route 331 becomes Waddells Corner Road/Route 331 as you exit Hurlock.
  • As you near the intersection of Waddells Corner Road/Route 331 and East New Market/Ellwood Road/Route 16 (6.2), prepare to cross over Route 16 on Cabin Creek Road, and continue.
  • Look ahead for Suicide Bridge Road (7.8), and turn right here. Pass a restaurant on your right (9.6), and cross the bridge.
  • You will enter the town of Secretary (11.1), where Suicide Bridge Road becomes Poplar Street.
  • Come to a stop at Main Street (11.4) where a café is located, and turn left.
  • Continue on Main Street/Route 14 and follow it to East New Market (12.4) where it becomes Railroad Avenue/Route 14.
  • You will pass a store/deli on your left (12.8) and a restaurant nearby on you right (12.8) at the intersection of Route 14/Railroad Avenue and Route 16/Main Street.
  • Continue to the intersection of Route 14 and Route 392 (13.3). Carefully cross this intersection and continue back to the North Dorchester High School parking lot (16).
This route and map provided courtesy of Dorchester County Tourism with their prior permission. You can visit them online at and download the brochure containing this map at

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