Kuat NV Core Platform Rack

Updated: March 19, 2012

We get a lot of comments and questions regarding the bike rack on our 2011 Toyota Prius. We chose the Kuat NV Core since it allows the transfer of the rack between the 1.25″ receiver hitch on our Toyota Prius and the 2″ receiver hitch on our Ford F-150, provides a secure and stable platform, and is incredibly easy to use.

It was simple to install the Draw-Tite 24847 Class I Hitch for Toyota Prius that allows the bike rack to attach to the rear of the vehicle.

After adding the Kuat Nv Core Lock Kit
the bikes are securely tethered to the rack and the rack is locked into the hitch. That provides peace of mind knowing that neither the bikes nor the rack are going to disappear.

We carry both road bikes and mountain bikes on this rack and the performance and ease of use is flawless.

Note: The NV Core has a big brother that includes a bike workstand and the lock kit already installed – Kuat 2 Bike NV Rack.

Prius and Kuat NV Core platform rack

Prius and Kuat NV Core platform rack

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